Public Provident Fund is a popular long-term investment option. It is a secure and tax-free investment option. Under this investment, you have to make a fixed yearly investment for a minimum of 15 years. The interest rate on these investments is announced by the government quarterly. Since the interest rate of this long-term investment keeps changing, investors have to keep tracking their investments. To track the investment a ppf calculator tool is the best option. Its benefits are as follows-

  1. Tells the value of total interest 

The PPF calculator tool calculate the total interest you will earn on your investment after the maturity period. This helps you in deciding what amount should be invested. The investment should be made or not. This also helps you in planning the expenses of the maturity amount.

2.Helps in planning investments 

PPF investment is a very long-term investment. Once you invest in it, you have to invest the same amount every year. Hence, you have to be financially prepared for it. The PPF calculator helps you in planning investment in Public Provident Fund. It tells the total investment required in the investment duration. It also tells the total amount you will receive on maturity. This way, you can decide whether to invest in PPF or not.

3.Help in finding out the returns

Before making any investment, its returns are checked. Through the PPF calculator, you can check the return on your PPF investment. You can check various plans of different investment amounts and time periods according to current interest rates. According to the maturity amount of each plan and your investment capabilities, decide on investment. You can also check returns after investing.

4.No need to check the interest rate

The government announces the interest rate for PPF investment every quarterly. The PPF calculator tools have this information. Hence, you do not need to track the government’s announcement regarding interest rates. You can make a PPF investment decision on the PPF calculator only.

5.Quick Calculation 

In today’s time, everyone plans long-term investments because it is important to secure the future. However, not everyone knows the maths behind calculating the maturity amount of PPF. Therefore, the PPF calculator is very useful. In this tool, you only need to insert the investment amount and time period. The interest rate is already given in the calculator. Then, it does the maths and tells you your total investment, interest, and maturity value. All these calculations are done in seconds after inserting the values.

6.Accurate result

The best part about the PPF calculator is that it is very accurate. It cannot do human errors. The math formula has been programmed in the tool. Every time you insert the values, the same operation performs. Hence, the result it produces is accurate.

If you also want to calculate the return on your PPF investment, refer to 5paisa. It is a reliable and quick online PPF calculating tool. You can get the maturity value of your investment through this tool by just inserting the yearly investment amount, time period in years, and interest rate.

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