The Incredible Skin Rejuvenation Benefits of Thermage

The non-invasive, painless skin rejuvenation treatment have been a success in recent years and so is their rising demand. Thermage is one such revolutionary unique skin treatment that tightens and rejuvenates loose skin without the need for surgery. This radiotherapy procedure reduces specific skin laxity to make you appear more youthful, vibrant, and fresh.

Where to get the radiotherapy treatment done?

Retens Medical in Tsim Sha Tsu, Hongkong offers efficient and best high-end cosmetology services by using top-quality medical instruments certified by the FDA. They offer the latest generation of Thermage FLX that uses patented radio frequency technology that safely penetrates deep skin layers and stimulates collagen.

Visit Retens Medical for skin treatments like injection services, wart and optical treatment, skin rejuvenation, firmness lift, slimming, and laser hair removal.

Keep reading this article for the immense benefits of skin radiotherapy if you need more reasons to consider this treatment.

Collagen formation

Collagen formation is considered the first advantage of this therapy. The procedure concentrates radiofrequency energy with a low amplitude which causes a controlled increase in skin temperature.

This, together with a specific depth of heating, damages the skin tissues thermally and in turn triggers changes in collagen in the skin’s deepest layers, including subcutaneous tissue.

Radiant skin

The treatment breaks old collagen so that it can be replaced with better and healthier proteins.

This is beneficial as it gives

  • A radiant and silky complexion
  • Firmer and lifted skin
  • Fewer wrinkles and lines
  • Reduced acne scarring

No downtime required

Nearly all skin care procedures require some kind of recovery time, however, radiotherapy is one of the few that doesn’t need any downtime. The procedure is planned to fit into your everyday schedule, allowing you to see your surgeon and continue with the remainder of your day without missing your daily schedule.

Versatile treatment

Facial surgeries are very specific but radiotherapy procedures can treat any part of the face with the same results.

It can be used on facial areas like

  • Brow
  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Body

The therapy is excellent for tightening loose or sagging skin around the eyes or crow’s feet, around the forehead, and along the jawline due to its versatility. It contours and highlights your jawline making you look younger and improves your facial features with a sculpted jaw.

Natural and quick results

The procedure delivers natural results without giving you a frozen or artificial appearance. You can also expect quick results with firmer skin in the next few days after the treatment. In the next three to six months, results will keep showing up as collagen production increases.

You will see improvements in the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin. These deeper results will persist for years as the body naturally creates the ingredients it needs to keep your skin looking fantastic.

熱瑪吉 is a safe and simple procedure that gives quick results and improves your skin over time. Only one or two sessions are needed and maintenance is advised once a year or every two years. Go for it with no fear of risks and boost your facial skin to look younger.

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