Turkey VPS Server – A Tremendous Alternative by Onlive Server

Turkey VPS Server

The Turkey VPS Server Hosting is very much in demand these days as it gives the hosting services with the best configuration, feature, and price. Our company Onlive Server provides you with a Turkey VPS Server Hosting at a very affordable cost with the latest and advanced specifications. Our server gives you a high-speed internet connection and also ensures to provide you a good uptime for your website. It also protects your site from external threats such as malware, virus, Trojans, etc. Other than this it also comes with full root access so that you can easily get access to your website files.

Our company Onlive Server offers its services in different parts of the world and helps its clients by providing a perfect solution for their business. We offer both Windows and Linux VPS Server solutions that are very beneficial for your hosting needs. You can also easily upgrade our plans at any time whenever required. Our company provides the best Turkey VPS Server Hosting plans at an affordable cost which is suitable for all types of businesses whether it is small, medium, or large. We give instant delivery services to our customers so that they don’t have to wait for a long time period for getting their plan activated. Also, we give full technical support to our customers.

How to use the VPS server in Turkey

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a special server that is divided between two or more users using a virtual partition. Its connection works like a dedicated server, but it is much cheaper to use and has its own independent resources. In this way, each user will have their own operating system and can restart it without affecting the rest of the users. The VPS server can be used in many different ways, such as hosting websites, email servers, databases, or file servers. The benefits of a virtual private server are many, as you will have your own server for a lower price than renting a dedicated one.

To use the Turkey VPS Server you must have knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, ASP, and database management systems such as MySQL and SQL Server. To install these applications you need to know how to access the command line of your VPS through the terminal (if you are using Linux) or through Putty (if you are using Windows). Once inside the operating system of your virtual server you can install these applications by following our tutorials in our blog.

Advantages of Turkey VPS Server

Connectivity and Bandwidth

Turkey is one of the few countries where the government has invested heavily in developing world-class connectivity and bandwidth solutions. There are numerous international submarine cables that land in Turkey, providing connectivity to the rest of the world. In addition, there are more than 500 local Turkish ISPs that provide sufficient bandwidth and redundancy to the customers. This ensures that your website hosted on a Turkey VPS Server will remain available all the time for your global audience.

 Reliability and Stability

Turkey is not only rich with abundant resources but also stable politically, which makes it an ideal place for hosting websites from around the globe. You can be assured that your hosting company will not face any issues due to power outages, wars, or natural disasters, making it a perfect location for hosting websites from around the globe.

  • High Bandwidth
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Close Proximity
  • Higher Security
  • Better Control
  • Increased Scalability
Most reliable and secured hosting server

VPS hosting is a virtual private server. It works as your own dedicated server but it is in actual shared hosting only. We have various plans for VPS hosting at cheap rates with great features.VPS hosting has its own operating system, full root access, dedicated IP address, RAM, and CPU resources. We provide 24/7 technical support service for our customer’s help and to solve any issues related to hosting. In Turkey VPS Server, you can select your preferred operating system such as Windows or Linux according to your needs. We provide you latest technology Turkey VPS Hosting that can easily handle all your traffic without any downtime issues. You can also install any application of your choice according to your requirements

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